Sunshine Daydream Guild

Sunshine Daydream Guild

Deadheads rocking DDO/Sarlona -and-
Deadheads rocking Elder Scrolls Online

Player Personality:

Deadheads & flower-sniffing hippies welcome! LGBT-friendly atmosphere.


Most players in our guild are oriented toward PvE questing. Player vs player (PvP) is not among the guild's current priorities.

While some of our players are dedicated to "static groups" or solo-minded, others are open to grouping.

We typically complete optional objectives and read dialogues. Zerging is strongly discouraged except for unanimous party choice. We attempt to gather up the party at closed doorways, bridges, and switchbacks until party members are healed or buffed if appropriate.

Character Qualities:

Any character level (newbies or vets) and all races/classes welcome.

Platform - Game Server:

DDO: Sarlona
ESO: PC/Mac - North America

TeamSpeak 3:

We have an audio chat room with Team Speak 3 software platform. Our TeamSpeak server is

Join us in the Guild Talk channel for game topics or The Hang Out for non-game talk.

Feel free to invite the rest of your party to use the raid party channel or one of the reserved party-based channels (just please let them know we only have 12 slots at present, so they may only use our server when running with a member of the guild).

We are exploring the TS3MusicBot as a potential method of streaming GD Radio in TeamSpeak and planning to increase our server size (maximum user slots) in the near future.

ESO Crafter:


If you have a new character and wish to receive crafted items, please contact Tevalaur (master crafter in all 6 crafts but still researching some traits) who will happily see what she can provide.

DDO Crafter:

Akateva (Arcane 150 / Divine 149 / Elemental 147)

If you wish to browse what could be made for you, check out the Cannith Crafting Planner's unbound versions (Akateva has enough crafting levels to attempt any unbound shard with a high rate of success. Please send the materials required to create the shard you seek with a note to Akateva who will create and mail your shard. If you need something in a rush, contact a guild officer to ask that Akateva be called in.

(feature only in DDO)

Our guild ship is a Daedalean Trefoil class ship, chock full of amenities, christened Furthur. Click this link to read about the amenities.

Special Rules about the Guild Chest:
  • Do NOT take items for breakdown or sale. Such an action violates the guild personality and is a banning offense. Items are shared for use, not profit.
  • Weapons and Armor are placed in the guild chest for session use. Use them as needed, but please return them to the guild chest at the end of your questing so others may use them as well.
  • Clothing and Jewelry are placed in the guild chest to be passed on to a guildie of appropriate level. Please do not take them to bank for future use or for a non-guild character as this hurts guildmates who may be in need of the item. If you are an appropriate level and it's better than what you're actively wearing, congrats and enjoy!

The guild chest is currently on hiatus until we become a high enough guild level to acquire the Grand Reliquary State Room and change to the new style (permanent) storage chests.

Questions? Want to join?

DDO: Send an ingame mail to Kaibeth to request a guild invite.
ESO: Contact @Kaibeth in the game.

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The Sunshine Daydream Guild

Deadheads rocking DDO/Sarlona -and-
Deadheads rocking Elder Scrolls Online Elder Scrolls Online