Sunshine Daydream

Deadheads rocking Elder Scrolls Online

Platform - Game Server:

PC/Mac - North America

Player Personality:

Deadheads & flower-sniffing hippies welcome! LGBT-friendly atmosphere.


While some of our players are dedicated to "static groups" or solo-minded, others are open to grouping.

We typically complete optional objectives and read dialogues. Zerging is strongly discouraged except for unanimous party choice. We attempt to gather up the party at closed doorways, bridges, and switchbacks until party members are healed or buffed if appropriate.

Any character level (newbies or vets) and all classes welcome.

Guild Hall:

Our guild hall is in Hunding's Palatial Hall. Join us there by right-clicking in the guild roster to select "Visit Primary Residence."

Within the main structure you will find a comfortable social space which will continue to develop slowly over time. Pop in occasionally to spot the changes. Landscapers were hired to plant flowering trees & shrubs, and outdoor sitting areas were developed overlooking the beach & ship in the distance.

If you wish to test your fighting prowess, a target skeleton has been resurrected on the beach behind the tower (falling from the tower was his first death). Fear not when you destroy it; it will return again from an endless supply of soul gems.

We have arranged the services of a banker and a merchant to provide basic services from our courtyard. There's also a fence in the guild hall, but she charges 35% and is only accessible upon completion of the Thieves Guild storyline.

Also, we have acquired all basic crafting stations in the Guild Hall's crafting shed & tower while attuned set stations are being placed in the Gorinir Crafting Garden accessible through @AttunedGarden on the roster.

Guild Bank:

  • Do NOT take items for deconstruction or sale. Such an action violates the guild personality and is a banning offense. Items are shared for use, not profit.
  • Unbound items are placed in the guild bank for session use. Use them as needed, but please return them to the guild bank at the end of your questing so others may use them as well.
  • Bound-on-Equip items are placed in the guild bank to be passed on to a guildie of appropriate level. Please do not take them to bank for distant future use as this hurts guildmates who may be in need of the item now. If you are an appropriate level and it's better than what you're actively wearing, congrats and enjoy!

Guild Crafter:

Tevalaur, author of Sunshine Daydream's Guide to Crafting, is a master crafter with all traits researched and knowing a wide array of motif styles.

If you have a new character and wish to receive crafted items, she will happily see what she can provide (likely to be blue-quality set pieces in a basic motif unless you provide improvement mats and/or style gems). If you have an established character, please supply all necessary materials.

Recommended sets: Law of Julianos for most Magicka builds, Hunding's Rage for most Stamina builds, Night's Silence for stealth builds, either Eyes of Mara, Kagrenac's Hope, or Seducer for healers, and and either Armor Master or Hist Bark for tanks.

Discord &
TeamSpeak 3:

We hope to form long-term friendships amongst like-minded folk. Guild chat is a friendly, helpful atmosphere with no bashing or personal attacks.

Our guild's Discord server can be easily recognized with the logo inspired by "the sky was yellow and the sun was blue." If you are a guild member already, please message Tevalaur to meet you on the server to give you "membership" in Discord's settings so you can return more easily and access more channels. No software download necessary.

We also have an audio chat room with the Team Speak 3 software platform. Our TeamSpeak server is

Join us in the Guild Talk channel for game topics or The Hang Out for non-game talk.

Feel free to invite the rest of your party to use the raid party channel or one of the reserved party-based channels (just please let them know we have limited slots at present, so they may only use our server when running with guild members).

Note: these spaces will continue to be provided for your enjoyment, but due to sound issues in the home of Tevalaur & Kaibeth and the small size of our guild, they may frequently be empty.


Currently we hold no special events due to our small size, although we are considering raffles and organized PvE runs when we grow.

Questions? Want to join? Contact us in the game!
Send a message to Tevalaur ( or Kaibeth (@Kaibeth)

Check out our Guide to ESO by clicking the image below
Sunshine Daydream's Guide to ESO

Sunshine Daydream

Deadheads rocking Elder Scrolls Online Elder Scrolls Online